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Hi Everyone,Has anybody taken these two drugs together, if so did you have any nasty side effects and if so what were they?The Gabapentin has been prescribed for my neuropathic pain and the other is for the Lupus which I also have. If anything I am sleeping all day but for just about 1 1/2 hours at a time MTX also has a long clinical history, which makes it a trustworthy drug, they'll be no "surprise" side effects. Headaches – Plaquenil can rarely cause a headache Hi everyone I have rheumatoid arthritis and have had flares that make me crazy with pain! I was told also to keep an eye out for 'floaters' in my eyes, as Plaquenil can cause macular damage to your retinas. My doc said I could benefit from Hydroxychloroquine, my doctor knows that I'm very fearful of medication side effects. Has anyone with scleroderma been treated with doxycycline and plaquenil? Hallucinated, broke out in rashes and crying spells Aug 29, 2018 · I believe my problems started with side effects of a statin, which I stopped taking during my Plaquenil treatment but resumed after symptoms were resolved. I didn't have any ill effects stopping cold turkey, but it was still early days. nausea. Then, I was taking it at night, with dinner. Plaquenil isn a antiparasitic drug with anti-inflammatory affect.. I was diagnosed 4 years ago! I started with just one pill per day because I sometimes have side effects from new drugs. nightmares. I did read hair loss, photosensitivity, itching area all potential side effects of Plaquenil, so hopefully those will subside soon as the med levels drop Feb 08, 2012 · Regular plaquenil eye exams should quell concerns about eye complications, which are very rare. 100 mg are a drop (maybe two) on a hot stone. What's happened with you? It probably caused only the nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and intense vertigo. After just 4 days on Plaquenil, I had severe stomach cramps, no appetite, GERD pain, diarrhea and a migraine. so far, so good on the MTX. Most side effects will go away when your body gets used to the medicine. I have had to go to the ophthalmologist once a year for an exam and retinal scan just to make sure no damage is occurring May 28, 2008 · Although, I had to come off it when I started getting visual disturbances after 4 1/2 months. Less common side effects: Headaches Muscle aches Weakness Nervousness, irritability, dizziness (although these effects are uncommon). Initial adult hydroxychloroquine side effects forum dosage: 400 mg hydroxychloroquine side effects forum to 600 mg (310 to 465 mg base) daily, administered as a ….

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My side effects were loss of appetite and nervousness/jittery, like anxiety. Plaquenil is one of the firs line drugs and may or may not have side effects. Dec 25, 2011 · Retinal damage caused by hydroxychloroquine is generally reversible, but damage caused by chloroquine may not be. uncontrolled eye movements. I was reading on this medication and again it has some serious side effects Apr 12, 2006 · Plaquenil probably have less side effects than the other meds you get for Arthritis.You may have no side effects at all, probably hydroxychloroquine side effects forum just tiredness and dizziness for a week. sensation of spinning. I know it's not the Heparin causing the symptoms. I would also suggest giving it some more time especially since the side effects of plaquenil are supposed to lessen after a few months of use. I did stop it for 2 weeks early in the treatment due to having to take a coupld other drugs that seemed to give me side effects. My doc said I could benefit from Hydroxychloroquine, my doctor knows that I'm very fearful of medication side effects. However: the side effects / stomach issues join the party right at the start. So far, no problems, but I still have some RA flares from time to time It's a safe forum where you can create or participate in support groups and discussions about health topics that interest you. Apr 28, 2010 · Home › Forums › General After reading side effects of Lariam, I am reluctant to take it since it has sent people to the hospital with serious psychosis and driven some to suicide. I did doxy and plaquenil for a long time without any side effects Jan 11, 2012 · I believe it is like any other drug, side effects can and do happen, but they are very individualized. mballabmb123 posted: You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA.. It's a safe forum where you can create or participate in support groups and discussions about health topics that interest you. I had to have a baseline image of my eyes (with a kind of fluoroscope) before starting the Plaquenil Oct 23, 2016 · Common Side Effects of Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) Drug Center - RxList It is interesting to note, that the brand name has been discontinued this year, and only generic is available now. Reasonable care has been taken to provide accurate information at the time of creation.. It’s still dangerous but now as contagious… If drug that has already been on the market for 65 years could be effective in treating a new virus, yes there are potential side effects, there are eye problems that potentially arise, we know that we use these drugs commonly Feb 28, 2013 · Anyway, plaquenil has the potential to help with sun sensitivity and it is a strong anti inflammatory and has helped people with lupus with their facial rashes and flushes, as well as some rosacea sufferers Mar 08, 2013 · You are supposed to have a blood test every month to check on your liver and kidneys as long term use can affect them. shakiness and unsteady walk. Years later I am now having small fiber issues in my hands which I think were triggered by side effect of statins and am looking for solutions Mar 03, 2016 · So, I've read the half-life is from 30-60 days. I was advised to take it at bed time, so I would sleep through any other side effects it might cause me, but I never noticed any side effects at all -- except feeling a lot better, less fatigue, less joint pain, and fewer issues overall I have been told the most common side effects of Plaquenil are increased sun sensitivity, nausea (and sometimes eye problems). Anyone taking plaquenil with weird side effects? Sure, read up on side effects, but I only become hypochondric if I do! Both have side effects for some people and none for others. Hydroxychloroquine. You are all the best! Hydroxychloroquine is also a disease-modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARD). Plaquenil isn a antiparasitic drug with anti-inflammatory affect Side effects Moderate (nausea, constipation, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus). But after doing a bit of reading, it seems hair loss can sometimes be an issue with this medication as well May 10, 2016 · The 1st time I was on it (brand name) 400 mg. I'm a little worried hydroxychloroquine side effects forum as at my pharmacy they gave a strong warning about taking them together even at seperate times.Any replies gratedully. Also a little bit of muscle weakness/numbness. Disclaimer. Nov 16, 2011 · Plaquenil is not a mainstream drug for spondylitis but is sometimes used for folks who have not responded to NSAIDs, anti-TNFs, etc. Tell your doctor if you have these side effects. My doctor told me to take plaquenil at bedtime, because then you sleep right through any side effects like nausea The chart below displays the most commonly experienced side effects of hydroxychloroquine reported by respondents. shakiness and unsteady walk. Patients who experience this rare side effect should stop taking this medicine and contact their doctor. I had no idea it was going to so profoundly impact me, and I guess I feel like I need to understand why Plaquenil is supposed to help with hair loss, not contribute to it. In my opinion, the plaque nil is keeping the immune system regulated and the pain and other symptoms described will reduce Hydroxychloroquine is also a disease-modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARD).

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BTW: 100 mg daily may reduce side effects, but this low dosage also greatly annihilates its positive effects. Jul 02, 2018 · Generally, the hydroxychloroquine side effects forum side effects can be noticeable fairly soon after first taking the medication (although not always; prednisolone is an example where the side effects can take a while to manifest themselves) so if you've been taking plaquenil for a while without developing lichen planus, it's possible that you may not have the problem Common Trade Names: Plaquenil; Adult Dosing Malaria. My mother took it for rheumatoid arthritis years ago and thinks it's worth a shot. I'm only on a …. I would like to be able to keep taking plaquenil, I just want to reduce my dose by half. In addition, the doctor started me on methotrexate six months ago, but I have not experienced any side effects from that I am 3 days on plaquenil and heparin to help the placenta with better blood flow etc. Per the CDC, chloroquine-sensitive areas include: Central America west of the Panama Canal, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and most of the Middle East. The chart below displays the most commonly experienced side effects of hydroxychloroquine reported by respondents. But it is something they can catch easily. So, stick with it. I get a bubbly stomach after I take it. User Reviews for Plaquenil to treat Systemic Lupus Erythematosus The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. Still, MTX does have side effects - doesn't mean you personally have any of them, a few lucky (4 replies).Stomache Gas from Plaquenil or Gabapentin. nausea. He may or may not have an opinion.